Agile working up-close: Gray Puksand’s new HQ

Gray Puksand’s total renovation of its 12-year-old Melbourne office has been an opportunity for the studio to play both client and designer. The team attempted to follow the same process applied to all of its workplace projects in order to stick to the company’s design method, running a series of staff workshops to devise new concepts.

“This is our usual approach with all of our clients, so it was good to walk the walk with ourselves as clients,” says Heidi Smith, Gray Puksand partner and workspace lead. “I wanted to make sure that we respected our own processes.”

The new design is relaxed, open, and egalitarian. There is no front desk as you enter through the elevator, and no sense of administrative gatekeeping. Instead, the guests are encouraged to introduce themselves directly to staff stationed at the first of two main work pods. The stations conveniently support informal group interaction.

The office has a notable breakout area, with tiered seating to one wall and an efficient kitchen which doubles as an in-house presentation and event space.

Image source: Tatjana Plitt

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