Hybrid Workplace is the New Style

Enclosed offices, open plan, hoteling, activity settings and agile team space have been the trend for 30 years now when it comes to workspace models. These workspaces seem so good and may have served a lot of organisations well in the past decades but if these can be hybridized to make workers more comfortable and effective, then hybrid workplace should transpire.

James Calder, the CEO and founder of Calder Consultants, found out that most of the current workplace research they are undertaking points out that it makes no sense to choose just one model and that a combination of these models which is called a hybrid workplace makes more sense.

Calder added that the style of the hybrid workplaces varies according to the work style and the culture of the organisation. The activity-based working (ABW) places are now dealing with agile teams which result to a hybrid of shared and owned space.

He also said that there are project teams now who are responsible in creating hybrid environments with increased flexible and reconfigurable team spaces. Also, there are new academic workplace models emerging that are ideal for extreme work styles of research, teaching, administration and touch-down spaces.

Image and article source: https://www.indesignlive.com/the-ideas/hybrid-working-new-reality-james-calder?

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