Lendlease wins approval for second timber tower in Sydney’s Barangaroo South

Lendlease wins planning approval for its second timber tower in Barangaroo South which will consist of 10,000 square metres of office space over six floors above ground-floor retail. The building will be known as Daramu House, which means “tree house” in the local Aboriginal language.

The tower will be built from cross-laminated timber - an innovative panel-style product that can significantly decrease construction costs - and Glulam, or glue-laminated timber. It
was was also designed to include rooftop planting to capture rain, and solar photovoltaic cells to generate power for the building and the precinct.

“Daramu House will provide tenants with health and wellbeing benefits combined with a warm, clean and natural environment,” says Rob Deck, managing director at Barangaroo South.

Image and article source: https://www.afr.com/real-estate/lendlease-adds-to-the-wood-pile-in-barangaroo-20180607-h113ox

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