Minimum 5.5 star NABERS set for new commercial buildings in Sydney

Proposed changes to the council’s development control plan include a target building rating of 5.5 star NABERS for new office developments and retrofits in Sydney.

“The changes we’re proposing would set a new standard for modern commercial  buildings,” Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said. “By setting a new standard of 5.5 star NABERS rating, we’ll see energy efficiency and renewable energy considered early in the design phase - rather than being treated as an afterthought - ensuring building owners and tenants save thousands on electricity bills.”

Before a construction certificate is granted, applications for new developments and major office upgrades with net lettable area of 1000 sqm or more will need to submit a NABERS commitment agreement confirming the building can reach 5.5 stars.

The plan has been welcomed by the Energy Efficiency Council. Chief executive Luke Menzel said improving building efficiency was the quickest and cheapest way to cut emissions. “How we design, construct and operate our buildings drives the amount of energy needed to keep the lights on and the building comfortable,” he said.

“A poor performing building means higher energy bills for tenants and a big impact on the environment. City of Sydney is showing national leadership by setting a new minimum standard for new buildings. Over time that will cut emissions and lower energy bills for businesses across the CBD.”

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