Mirvac designs emotional intelligence into its EY Centre in Sydney

Mirvac creates a humanised workplace in the commercial tower at 200 George Street known as the EY (Ernst & Young) Centre, designed by fjmt architects. Mirvac owns the land and was also developer and builder. Half-way through the development process, it decided to locate its headquarters across six floors of the building.

The development process was highly integrated and client-responsive. It was highly consultative involving all stakeholders, including employees and future tenants as is the case with its own tenancy. Employees were consulted throughout the process which allowed the design team to create a carefully customised workplace.

The project also mirrors a major shift in commercial building development - from designing buildings to designing for the people who would work in those buildings. It was this human-focused approach which influenced Mirvac to move its headquarters in the building.

James Harvey, Mirvac’s then program manager and now innovation lead, says Mirvac “has become more efficient with space, reduced our carbon footprint, turned into a highly mobile organisation, formalised flexibility into policy, and produced a happier and more engaged workforce.”

Image source: Katherine Lu

Article source: https://www.indesignlive.com/the-work/high-eq-mirvacs-ey-centre

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