Next-gen co-working: The Working Capitol by HASSELL

HASSELL expertly re-envisages co-working in its latest design for The Working Capitol Robinson Road Singapore as a progressive yet playful model that speaks the Millennial workforce language.

The first TWC took over five shophouses along Singapore’s historic Keong Saik Road and transformed them into a co-working space that developed a vibrant and exciting community, becoming one of the key institutions that made co-working popular in the Little Red Dot.

The challenge to HASSELL was to create a great follow-up to match or surpass a superb production and to avoid spawning a soulless sequel. HASSELL successfully stayed true to the character of the original TWC and cultivated the comfort of familiarity, while owning a distinct, compelling character that is very much needed in a competitive co-working context.

TWC at Robinson Road features amenities including a 20-metre outdoor lap pool, a gym run by a boutique fitness operator, and a lounge and event space incorporating a bar in a space more than twice that of its first branch. Upon entrance, one can immediately feel the homey feel of the space. “We wanted to create a sense of domesticity through the materials and the layout,” said Sampson.

Image source: EK Yap

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