Slender triangular tower proposed as Melbourne’s tallest skyscraper

DeciBel Architecture has proposed a design for what could become Melbourne’s tallest tower - a slender 330-metre high tower at a small triangular plot. The tower has had multiple rotations added to its design to fit the narrow site and still go as tall as possible.

“Tall buildings need their centre of rotation to be as close to the centre of mass as possible - our triangular shape has led to some very interesting tuning and innovation,” explained Dylan Brady, Decibel Architecture founder. He added, “As with any tall building, wind rules, and we have a series of open floors through the tower to allow for plant and for the wind perforation and confusion to occur. The western end of the tower is stepped, to detach laminar flows, and the eastern end is tapered, reducing load along the edge.

“We have allowed for an innovative new type of mass damper near the top of the building, developed here in Victoria, to gravity nail the upper reaches and reduce the sway.”

The site belongs to the Royal Society of Victoria which used the plot to host a weather observation facility prior to commissioning designs for a building on the plot. Besides height and slenderness, Decibel Architects also hope to push the limits in terms of sustainable design, partly to benefit the RSV. Solar panels would be fitted on the northern and western sides of the tower to power the entire building, along with oversupply that could be used by RSC facilities.

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