Sydney to plant 5 million new trees by 2030

The New South Wales government committed to the delivery of five million new trees by 2030 as part of plans to create a new green canopy over Sydney. It is supporting the “Five Million Trees” initiative with $37.5 million in funding over four years.

This commitment to “green infrastructure” in Sydney will be represented by the planting of 380,000 native trees every year until 2030, and another 15,000 for people who are building homes in new land release areas in Western Sydney.

Like NSW’s tree planting initiative, urban greening strategies can help with climate change adaptation, reduce the urban heat island effect, improve biodiversity and storm water management, and provide healthier spaces. “Planting more trees will contribute to the lowering of urban heat in Sydney and improve the environment for pedestrians at street level,” said Anthony Roberts, Minister for Planning and Housing.

“Planting this many trees across Sydney is equivalent to taking about 355,000 cars off the road each year,” said Gabrielle Upton, Environment Minister.

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