The Revival of Timber in Architecture

Timber fell out of favor for a period of time amidst the emergence of new material and technologies. Recent times, however, have seen the comeback of this reliable and aesthetically pleasing material in architecture.

Daniel Wright, national marketing manager and sales manager for Australian Sustainable Hardwood (ASH) states that this resurgence has been spurred on by a number of factors. “It’s all down to the value proposition offered by various timber species,” he claims. “Timber looks and feels great. It offers flexibility in design and makes an affordable feature, both inside and out.” Wright adds, “There’s a feeling of warmth you get from bringing nature inside.”

“Seeing a home come together, with various trades having influence and yet [the completed project] looking like a painting brushed by the one artist, is a work of art,” Wright says. This multi-creator aspect is one of the differences encountered by businesses designing within the timber resurgence era.

While aesthetically pleasing, timber also has other significant benefits. The advantages of glulam (glued laminated timber), which is used in structures, are copious. Its benefits depend on the size of hte build, but they include immense monetary savings, protective char ratings, a high strength-to-weight ratio, ease of use, carbon sequestration, safety benefits, even helping to meet green building and energy standards, and more. From an internal perspective, the pros come from the design flow and the allure of bringing nature indoors. A recent study reveals that the use of timber in the internal decor of a building reduces stress and creates a more inviting workplace atmosphere in which, statistically, staff are happier to work.

Image source: Michael Kai Photographs

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