Tower integrates historic former bank HQ at 341 George Street

A proposal has been submitted to the City of Sydney for a 13-storey office tower on an undeveloped site on York Street.

NGI investments approached Candalepas Architects to take charge of the $28.9 million design proposal. NGI Investments is a private company owned by Hong Kong’s Cheng family. The Chengs acquired the former bank headquarters at 341 George Street in 2002 for $57 million.

The building will be stationed adjacent to the heritage former Bank of New South Wales headquarters and incorporated into the 1920s building at each level.

“It needs to have all the aspects of the existing building renewed in a way that makes beautiful things emerge from the old. It will end up being attractive for our client and the city of Sydney,” Candalepas said. “We wanted to ensure it (4-6 York Street) had meaning and consequence standing next to this beautiful building. A harmony has to happen between the two.”

Image source: Candalepas Associates

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