Engaging workplace for City of Sydney staff

Smart Design Studio has designed a workplace in the iconic Brutalist building in Sydney, which will allow the staff to be more engaging with visitors and break down barriers.

Brutalist buildings may present an imposing facade with exposed concrete, repetitive geometries and many more, however underneath the harsh exterior are expressive materials, sculptural forms and imaginative uses of light. The Town Hall House in Sydney was designed in the early 1970s. The twenty-three-storey tower offers modern offices and an accessible civic presence for the City of Sydney. Respecting the era when the building was made, Smart Design Studio worked with materials that look and feel as if they belonged to the striking Brutalist building.

City of Sydney wanted its office to be more accessible, visible and engaged with visitors in public areas. Smart Design updated and modernized the office floors to provide access to views and natural light. Around the core of the building, spaces are made for meeting rooms, amenities, kitchens and breakout accompanied by open-plan workstations spanning the floor plate. Coloured glass recalling the 1970s provides subtle variation, glass walls maintain visual transparency, and perforated timber adds depth to walls and ceilings.

The refurbishment of Town Hall House respects the values of the Brutalist building through warmth and tactility of materials. The holistic workplace and civic venue graciously melds modern design from the 1970s and today.

Imaage and article source: https://architectureau.com/articles/town-hall-house/?mc_cid=e76c31f4f5&mc_eid=836999e7f1&utm_source=ArchitectureAU#img=0

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